The Optejet™

Millions of patients are treated with topical eye medications every year using 100-year-old eye-dropper technology. However, unlike taking pills, eye drops are not only difficult to insert but also highly imprecise, creating a challenge for both patients and physicians. Eyenovia’s Optejet™ is designed to make taking topical eye medication EASY.


Eyenovia's Technology

Eye-dropper bottles may consistently overdose the eye with 30-50 μL of toxic preservatives and pharmaceutical ingredients when the eye’s natural, physiologic tear film capacity is only 7-8 μL. Eyenovia’s Optejet™ is designed to make taking topical eye medication EASY.The Optejets™ PRECISE dosing may minimize side effects that are related to excess amounts of medication entering the eye. Compliance with any drug therapy may be an issue for many patients, especially when the drug is not easy to self-administer. The SMART technology of the Optejet™ may help many patients be more successful with their eye medication therapy.


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Proper self-administration of eye drops requires eye-hand coordination and sufficient vision which may be an issue for up to 80% of patients. In published studies, even patients who believe they are taking eye drops correctly often overestimate their success and two-thirds of the time multiple drops were needed to successfully get the medication onto the eye*.

The following videos are of actual patients demonstrating for a leading ophthalmologist, Dr. Alan Robin, how they self-administered their eye drops.

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An overdose of drugs in the eye is often associated with many ocular side effects such as hyperemia, redness, discomfort, foreign body sensation, pigment discoloration, periorbital dermatitis and others. For certain topical medications, there are also major cardiovascular side effects such as bradycardia and arrhythmia that can result from applying too much product to the eye*.

High precision micro-dosing with the Optejet™ delivers a targeted physiologic dose of 6-8 μL, uniformly coating the corneal surface rather than the conjunctiva in order to reduce collateral tissue exposure. The Optejets™ targeting is focused on the cornea where 80% of intraocular drug penetration occurs, minimizing run-off and making for a potentially safer and neater delivery of medication.

Smart and Mobile

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Personalized Therapeutic

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Real-time monitoring

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The smart electronics inside the Optejet™ and mobile e-health technology from Eyenovia may transform compliance and chronic disease management by empowering patients and physicians with access to real-time monitoring and compliance data for a more intelligent and personalized therapeutic paradigm.

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