Eyenovia is a late-stage ophthalmic biopharmaceutical company developing breakthrough treatments for front and back-of-the-eye diseases, which are made possible by the company’s transformative, high precision ophthalmic delivery platform. Eyenovia’s pipeline is currently focused on the development of four programs including diagnostic mydriasis (pupil dilation), progressive pediatric myopia (nearsightedness), elevated intraocular pressure in chronic angle and open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension, and other eye conditions.

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Our unique delivery platform uses breakthrough piezo-print technology for high-precision micro-dosing. Microdosing allows for fully effective therapies that may also avoid many tolerability and side-effect issues associated with traditional eye drop delivery.


Most conventional front-of-the-eye therapies are administered using 100-year-old eye-dropper technology, consistently overdosing the eye with (100μL vs 7 μL) of pharmaceutical ingredients and toxic preservatives compared to the eye’s natural, physiologic tear film capacity of 7-8 μL. This overdose is associated with many ocular side effects such as hyperemia (eye redness), discomfort, dry eye, foreign body sensation, pigment discoloration, periorbital dermatitis and others. For some topical medications, there are also major cardiovascular side effects such as bradycardia and arrhythmia.

Eyenovia’s high precision microdosing delivers precicely 6-8 μL (the volume the eye can hold) in a targeted way, directly coating the corneal surface rather than the conjunctiva, thus reducing collateral tissue exposure and focusing on the cornea where 80% of intraocular drug penetration occurs. In addition, Eyenovia’s smart electronics and mobile e-health technology can track when patients administer doses. This will transform compliance and chronic disease management by empowering patients and physicians for the first time with access to dynamic, real time monitoring and compliance data for a more intelligent and personalized therapeutic paradigm.

Eyenovia is building a portfolio of superior ophthalmic therapeutics with its proprietary micro-dosing formulations of existing and new molecular entities. Eyenovia’s lead program is for the prevention of myopia (nearsightedness) progression. Progressive myopia is a serious, sight-threatening condition that may impact up to 5 million children in the United States alone and up to 80% of children in some countries in Asia. Using our unique platform technology, Eyenovia is preparing a single, de-risked Phase 3 study that may lead to the first FDA-approved treatment for this condition.

In addition to progressive myopia, the company is advancing phase III programs for intraocular pressure reduction in the broadest group of glaucoma patients and recently completed two phase III FDA registration studies for diagnostic mydriasis (pupil dilation). Eyenovia is expected to complete all two of these development programs through registration by 2020 with the myopia scheduled to finish in 2023.

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